Folder settings - general settings - FTP question - maybe a podcast question?

Sorry if I’m a bother - just really trying to understand and get the most use out of this software.

The whole world of server and ftp is new to me and again I apologize if I’m asking really dumb questions.

I use 1and1 as my web hosting company. My main site is sort of like an online resume and attempt to have a platform for fellow academics to find me. (trying to get my brand out there - insert laughter). I’ve created two subdomains for work I’m doing in my doctoral program. I want to use Rapidweaver’s built in FTP to handle publishing to each section of my website.

When talking with 1and1, who are very patient and helpful, they screened shared with me and suggested that I use a separate FTP program like filezilla as they didn’t see how it was possible for me to tell RW how to publish each project to the right subdomain.

This might be very easy to do and I just don’t know the right nomenclature or processes. Again looking forward to any help you can give.

I’m willing to face time, Skype, google + hangout, or whatever anyone wants to do to help me out.



PJ, I believe this is a feature that will be inbuilt from the upcoming RapidWeaver 7.

OK. Thanks. I guess I’ll be buying that when it comes out!

Really appreciate the feedback.

If you make each sub domain its own project you can publish with RW

That’s what I’ve done. But I don’t know how to set it up in the RW ftp.


What @swilliam is suggesting that you do what you usually do in a RW project - set up regular FTP - as explained on these pages:

RapidWeaver ftp guide
common fixes

But instead of having a single RW project file, build a separate one for each subdomain that you have created.

Thank you @MarkSealey & @swilliam! I will explore this further!