Subscriptions are acting up

Hey @ben – Seems the subscriptions on the Community site are acting up a bit. The large promotions aren’t showing as available in my account even though they are included in my subscription plan:

I decided to check my subscription just to make sure it wasn’t changed to the lower plan for some reason, but that page gives the error message page:

Thought I’d post here in case others might be having this problem, too.

I’m just working on the subscriptions now, as we’re moving over to Paddle, so I’ll get these issues sorted out today.

I’ll update here once everything is back to normal :slight_smile:

Sorry for the inconvenience!

annnnd this should now be working again.

let me know if you’re still having issues :slight_smile:

Unfortunately still getting the same thing here that I was before. :-/

Logged out and back in just now, and all seems to be working now. I should have given that a go yesterday. Thanks for looking into this @ben!