Weekly Offers? Is it still going on?

Hi guys, just a question,

I can see that one of the features in the “Plus” and “Premium” developer plans is “Newsletter Special Offers”
Is this still going on? Or is it canceled?

I’ve tried to add an offer but all I get is “Whoops, looks like something went wrong.”


Sorry for the confusion here — currently we’re not sending the weekly newsletter because we had too many issues with the layout and managing the content. So the “Newsletter special offers” aren’t in use at the moment.

I plan to have something back up and running after we launch RapidWeaver 7, but have not decided how/if these offers will be displayed.

Another option we’re thinking about is promoting these special offers directly on the site, which I think might be a better option.

I’ll let you know once we decided what we’re doing.

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Hi @ben

One of the reasons I’m a Plus Subscriber in the Community is because the plan and the Premium one offers Newsletter Special Offers, It has been months already and we still don’t have that available yet, I know you guys are busy but… I need to know if this will be available soon, if not, it would be better to remove it from the Subscription list, since we are paying for something that is not being delivered and for months now :frowning:


Sorry for the confusion — I mentioned a while back that we have stopped the newsletter indefinitely due to multiple issues with the content not being displayed correctly.

I agree that we should either have removed that benefit of explained in more detail on the subscription pages — sorry about that.

However, the plan for the special offers is to have a dedicated Offers page on the community site, available only to subscribers — unfortunately I can’t give you a definite timescale of when this will be added, but hopefully in the near future.