Sudden Redirect page and Tumblr stack issues

I have a 2 year old blog post (using Tumblr stack) and 3 redirect pages no longer displaying properly, I assume this happened after the latest update. Can anyone share some wisdom to get this running again.
The live page shows: “An unknown error has occurred. Please try again.”

The blog url is:


Thank you for your help

there are a ton of errors on the pages having to do with ads might try disabling those and see if it makes a difference

The actual tumbler error is:
console.log(‘There was an error returned from Tumblr: 401 -’)

401 = access denied error/ bad credentials, may be a glitch, may be that something has changed with the account (or api)

Thank you for your comment. I removed the adds with no change. I do not understand why there would be bad credentials as the tumbler stack uses the Tumblr domain: which is working well outside of RapidWeaver.

How long has it been down? maybe it’s a glitch on tumblers side. Or maybe they changed the api, although I would expect others using the stack to be posting if that were the case. Do you have the latest version of the stack installed?

Be sure your stack is up to date, check the settings in the stack and republish is about all I could suggest.

Humm @joeworkman example page is broken with same error here:
However, the other one works here:

I would shoot an email to

What is a work around until you get your API keys back? My clients are all over me.

The only solution I can see right now, is to use Joe’s Offsite stack

And put the actual link to the tumblr page in the settings. You can see it works here

⚠️ Tumblr Stack currently crippled 🤕

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