What is the best way in combine a Tumblr site within Rapidweaver?

Hi! I am trying in embed an existing Tumbler account into a client’s website.
Can someone share the method that they have found to be the most effective?
Thank in advance.

You could try this one:


I have manage to foul things up nicely for my client using MicroBlog | Stacks4Stacks.

I believe I have setup the Stack properly. But, it is not previewing RW. See attached below:

I have redirected the Tumblr.SoulSenators.com’s page’s A-Record to SoulSenators.com.

Yet Tumblr is saying that it is no redirected properly:

I went back & reviewed the Stack’s settings and I just don’t know what I have done incorrectly.

Help anyone?

Thank in advance…

I don’t have this stack myself… but is the redirection part of it necessary? And do you know if you have PHP 5.6 or higher on your server?

I’m sure @willwood can help you out, if you havent submitted a ticket seperately.

Total CMS support migration of a Tumblr blog into it. It will migrate all of the Tumblr posts into Total CMS for you. This would mean that you would no longer use Tumblr. However, you would not lose any of your blog posts.

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Thanks man… I did shoot him an email. I’ll wait to hear back. Or, have to move in another direction quickly.

Go back and undo all the A record and re-direct stuff. You shouldn’t need to do it.

In fact, just create a new page, drop in the Microblog stack, add the username of the Tumblr blog in settings and you should be able to preview it straight away.

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Hi, I see Microblog in my stack management tab but can’t place it in any page. I’m using Rapidweaver 6

The Microblog stack should drop into any Stacks page.


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