Super Forms spam protection


I’m using 1LD’s Super Forms stack, with the Captcha/Human Verification implemented, but I’ve recently started to receive spam via the form.

I black listed the IP address at my web host, I use Little Oak for this site, but the IP address being used changed slightly (the first two sets of digits remained the same 216.239.?.?) the last two sets changed slightly.

With the Little Oak control panel you can’t use a . wildcard to black list a range of ip addresses, and entering all possible ip address combinations doesn’t sound practical.

Can anyone suggest any alternative methods please.

Many thanks



You should be able to block the entire subnet with an htaccess rule like

Deny from 216.239

More can be fond here


Thanks, that’s a great help!

Didn’t even consider using a htaccess rule, feels like a ‘why didn’t I think of that’ moment.

Thanks again


Although blocking the offending subnet has helped a bit I’m still getting an increasing amount of spam from this contact form.

I got this one today offering a ‘service’ to “blast out to tons of websites via their contact forms”…

Any ideas on an effective way to prevent this, or if there a potential flaw in Super Forms that isn’t present in other contact form stacks?



I get a fair amount of these from another site that doesn’t use Super Forms (and isn’t even Rapidweaver, actually). No clue how to stop it but don’t think it’s a flaw specific to Super Forms

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