Contact form -> lots of spam

How I can easily prevent spam messages?
Captcha or something??


Does this thread help… either add a CAPTCHA stack or use a form (stack) which has CAPTCHA built in. Good luck!

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Or you can use a question such as 'what is the cube root of 8?" or something even easier. It is very useful to use a form which captures IP addresses because you can then use those to block spammers.

How I can add question? radio buttons etc?
I don´t want pay 30$ in contact form…

This seems to be cheapest:

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I have this one HTML Contact Stack from Doobox and working very well but has not CAPTCHA built in, that’s a minus point. Hope they can bring it in, yes indeed some spam so will need to find an alternative too.

According to Doobox’s website, the HTML form has Anti-Spam built in.

Are you receiving lots of spam with that form?

Joe has this nifty web tool that will obscure your email

… not lot’s but some yes. Apart of this I’m quite happy with the HTML Contact stack from Doobox but would be great if they could build in CAPTCHA in an update. If they do so I could give them a 10/10 quality/ price related, only thing missing here is the CAPTCHA built in.


The answer to your challenge question.


I use this:

And this is what that looks like:

And its FREE :slight_smile:

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After all… I purchase Doobox Contact Form.
Seems to work better and almost no spam at all :slight_smile:

If you are talking LOTS of spam then consider specialized email. I took over a site that was publishing their email several times a day. They were getting hundreds and hundreds of spam email a day. Even though the web host advertised a “learn spam” feature I came to find that it was very low grade. I switched client to Fastmail and faithfully put all spam into the “learn spam” folder and within a week or two it was working absolutely beautifully.

Though Fastmail costs a bit (not that much) I find it much better because that is their business. They care that their email works. My web host could have cared less about my mail problems… their spam tool was very poor and couldn’t be tweaked very well.

Fastmail is worth every penny. You can use your current url by pointing to Fastmail servers in your web setup.

That is just my experience… yours may vary.

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You can and I do quite successfully. However, needs to be very simple - no good confusing people who are not numerically inclined or who have a limited grasp of whatever language. I use questions such as what is three hundred and twenty two as a number.

On the subject of Captcha - I’m finding too many spammers get through it these days.

Flash isn’t around anymore, not sure why you’re responding to a year old post.

Didn’t even look at the date - was just interested in the subject of spam getting through captcha - and this thread is still open (oddly?). Whether Flash is around or not, still valid to make the point that you shouldn’t use tricky questions to avoid spam - other people may read the post after all.


I have use Doobox Contact Form, but now I get again SPAM in contact form.
15-20 SPAM every day.

Doobox support not answer to me :frowning:

Gary is on here as @Doobox

If spam is coming from HTML contact form, at the very end of the spam email it will read:

form = “whatever you named the form”

Do you guys reporting spam from the form see this at the end of any of the spam emails that appear to be automated?

If not the spam email is not coming from a bot that is circumventing the forms anti spam and submitting the form.

Im not sure what you try to say?
Spam is coming in HTML contact form.
I received 30 today.


Here is example spam:

Nimi TransAloda



Viesti Международное бюро переводов SLOOVO выполняет переводы любой сложности | The international translation agency SLOOVO performs translations of any complexity
<a href=>перевод текста с французского на русский</a>

But you have your e-mail address on this site in plain in the footer? The form does not seem to have anything to do with it?