Super Forms needing spam bots protection

I installed the Super Forms stack on two of my personal sites about 4 months ago. Bought it because I liked the design (still like it) and it was easy for inept-me to tweak to my liking for Contact pages. Now, however, I’m getting deluged (well, 4-5 per day on each site, and growing) with spam. I find this too annoying. And will have to steer clear of using it on new sites, which means searching the planet again. Unless . . . there are any ideas on how tighten it up???

Appreciation in advance . . .

A couple of things

  1. Have you used the ‘human verification’ option in the forms?
  2. Are you sure the forms are the culprit? Or have the email addresses being used by the forms appeared elsewhere unobfuscated and been harvested?


Ah, Rob, good idea! I’m not using the human verification (never have had to in the past), but I could try that. Thanks! And, my email addresses appear nowhere in the greater cosmos. I’m very careful about that.

Always good info here. I’m beholden.

You also might want to consider using a special e-mail address for any kinda of “webmail”. Then set up forwarding to go the email address you check. If it ever gets compromised You cna’t change the web form and delete one that is getting spammed.
I never put any “real” email address out on the internet.

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Doug, guess I don’t understand “real” email address. I use an info.blah-blah for the Contact form, not my main addresses. Do you mean something more convoluted than that?

Any address that is important to you is what I call a real email address. is fine, as long as you don’t mind giving it up if it gets found by spammers. Since the end user on a web form never sees the email address it can be anything you want on your domain. Then just set up the email to automatically forward to an email address you check.

OK, I added the Captcha box for human verification. It’s not like anything I’ve ever seen. Has 4 numbers. What would anyone do with them? Sorry to be so dumb.

Oops, figured it out. Now on to changing emails.

Thanks Doug

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