Super Forms to a google sheet?

Does the Super Form save to a google sheet? If not what is the best way to setup a form to save to a google sheet. I want to make custom form and not embed a google sheet into the site.

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I may be wrong but I think super form just emails the form contents I don’t think it saves anywhere.
I believe formloom will save to a google sheet. And of course google forms save to google sheets

Thanks. That is what I have been reading. Formloom 3 is a plugin though and I would like to add it to a stack page. Could Formloom 3 be inserted using pluskit?

Formloom 3 comes with a stack that lets you import it into a stacks page.

Yup, it does.

Thanks. I just read that on their site about the stack. I downloaded the demo and will try it out.

FormLoom plugin is how I do it

Anybody here using Formloom 3 to save form data to Google sheets? I can’t do it with trial version. I set everything:

  • created test form with 3 fields
  • created sheet with fields names in first row
  • shared sheet with edit rights to that email posted in tutorials
  • copied my sheet table id to rapodweaver’s formloom3 plugin
  • tripple checked names of fields match those set in form
  • republished all files

When I want to post anything, submit buttons change into rotating circle, which rotates forever. Form data are emailed, but values are never posted in my sheet, form submission confirmation is never reached. Circle keeps rotating until I close form window.

Anybody uses formloom3 to post to Google Sheets?

Thanks for reply, Maks

I can’t say about the trial version, but the full version of Formloom 3 works well with Google Sheets (and MySQL). I use it regularly using these instructions.

Thank you.
I use these tutorials too, with addition of fields setup. I double checked everything, but it doesn’t work. In my case clicking on submit hangs script forever.
I am still waiting on Yabdab’s support reply.