FormLoom 3 exporting to Google Sheets - Error

Hi All

I’m using the save to Google sheets option on Formloom 3 and it’s giving me this error msg.

The details i entered are here

I’ve triple checked the google link for sheets and thats all good. so i know it’s not that. It send emails fine but doesn’t save it to Google Sheets.

Anyone got any advice they can give me with this.


Just a guess, but don’t you have to define the spreadsheet field/header names in the google sheets and the FormLoom google sheets settings for it to properly update the Google Doc? (You are not telling the plugin where to insert the desired fields from the form into the Google Doc… imho)


Thanks @Turtle i did that and it was still an error status being shown.

I had HTTPS turned on before but now have turned that off for now which has made no difference communicating to Google.

More advice would be appreciated.

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Are you sure you’re using the Google Sheet’s FileID and not its URL? Looks like you’ve entered a URL in the image you’ve posted.


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Ill give that a go and come back to you. Hopefully that is it. Thanks @Bigsy @Turtle

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You have to define the field from the sheet