Help, need a solution for data

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a solution for my website. I would like to be able to enter data on my site and have it submitted to either Google Sheets or a database. Currently I have been using Super Forms that sends the information to IFTTT. Then IFTTT enters a row into Google Sheets. This has been working well for over a year but recently IFTTT applet stopped triggering my Super Forms data. I was hoping someone could tell me another way I could accomplish this without using IFTTT. Any help is appreciated.


Hello Darryl,
I’m very happy with Formloom

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FormSnap works well too!

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I agree that Formloom and FormSnap work well. So does Forms Plus. I’m currently using the last-named to collect bookings for society events, send emails to the Luncheon Secretary, store the data on a MySQL database and display selected data (using some custom php) on a page.

These are three great form solutions.

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Thanks Pedro, Joe & Peter. These suggestion are exactly what I was looking for!

Thanks again!!

Hi Darryl (& anyone else that may be thinking about tracking a lot of data :wink:
The form submittal stacks are great solutions for submitting the data, but if you want to display & edit that data, then you might want to ponder a CMS - take a look at EasyDB & see what you think: Dynamic Content stacks for RapidWeaver
Free Lite versions are available to try things out & as always, I’m available to get you up & running.


Thanks Bill

I will definitely look at EasyDB.

If it is form data and it doesn’t need to be a RW stack, then Machforms works great.

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