Supermenu in global content not displaying properly...pls help!

EDIT: apparently unknown user error prevented it from working correctly - things are now as they should be, and I HIGHLY recommend SuperMenu! Thanks to Will, and of course Charlie and Joe Workman - without the three of you, I would most assuredly be stuck in the awful world of wordpress, without all of the control I love so much with RW and Freestacks. Extra cheers to all the responsiveness! :slight_smile:

I made the switch from non-responsive megamenu to Will’s SuperMenu, which looks like it will work great… I currently have the supermenu built in a global content stack pg, and imported using a global import lite stack.

Except then I published, and now see that while the main supermenu nav bar does appear, none of the info displays upon hovering. I suspect it is hiding behind the first stack on the page, which is a cycler or img, depending on the page.

I would hate to have to scramble and republish my old megamenu, but am at a bit of a loss since the published version ATM is completely unusable…

help is appreciated! can be seen here: