Fixed :- I am struggling with Joe's Global Content Stack, help required please!

Hi all, i have been reading Joes Documents also the video and got the Demo project file on my screen and have published just three Weaverpix pages to a test site.
But i dont get the desired result when it is published, the 3 Global import stack pages all have the Blank theme applied to them and are in the themes Menu when published !.
The 3 weaverpix pages all have the Forward (ncd) theme applied to them and are not on the menu.
When published and the weaverpix pages are selected from the menu, the Theme and Menu is nowhere to be seen and the photos are all in column, nothing to do with weaverpix at all.


Hey Tim, I am in the middle of typing up a response to your ticket you sent in. It is very detailed so it is taking a little bit of time. Look for it soon!!

OK, here is a quick overview.

  1. Add the WeaverPix page to your site. Turn off the menu option so people to not see this page.
  2. Add a stacks page. Add the Page Safe stack on top (Page Safe should always be on top). Then under that add a Global Import Content stack. Then go into the Global Import Content stack settings and find the settings and find the Page Type settings and click on the dropdown and you will see a list of different page types. Go to the last entry (which will be WeaverPix) and click on it.
  3. Next we need to link the WeaverPix page. In the Global Import Content settings, there a button to set a link for the Global Page, click on that button and you will see the RapidWeaver link sheet drop down from the top. Click on URL dropdown and go down to page and then over to the name of the WeaverPix page. Then click on set link and it will link to your WeaverPix page.
  4. Now, publish the website. You will not be able to preview this in RapidWeaver or in a browser from RapidWeaver. If you know how to use MAMP, you can preview it that way, other wise you will have to publish the page to see it work.

EDIT!!! - Just remembered, you need to set the WeaverPix page to the Blank theme that comes with Global Content.

Hiya @zeebe thank you sooo much for all that help, it really was as easy as Joe said it was right at the beginning, i dont really know why i made it so dammed difficult !!!

Happily of course it now works perfectly.

I am so dammed slow in picking things up, it is only NOW that i realise that Robert Ziebol and zeebee are in fact the same person, thanks to both of you.

If i had a brain i would be dangerous LOL.


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Glad to be of help!!!

@zebee The truth of the matter is, a link to my β€œpersonal” website got onto the Podcast a little while ago and the team had a moan about the contents of some of the Slideshows. They are meant to be be humorous more than anything else, however i have now, with your valuable assistance Robert, I managed to make those three slideshows Pin Number protected, thanks.
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Of course now, for ANY visitors to see these funny pictures, the team DID have a good laugh at them, you will have to Email me !!! terribly sorry about that, @dan, @nikf and @ben :blush: