Problems with "Global Content"

Hi all, to integrate my Weaverpix pages with corresponding navigation into foundation I´m trying to use the Global Content Stacks. But I experience some problems. First of all the with the package delivered R&6 projects simply crashes when I try to open it with RW. Bad, so I have no material to look on how to build the pages correctly. What I did so far (on a little dummy project)

  1. Created a blank page withe blank theme and Global content in the page
  2. created a new page with Global import stack in there (theme = blank)
  3. set the links to existing weaverpix pages (sub-pages of Global Content)
  4. exported the site

But I only see html/xml-code. So something is wrong. I also tried (a lot) with Global Import Lite. So I´m simply tired of trying with no results. Can anyone out there give me a hint what is going wrong there?

Greetings From Germany


  1. Since you are using Foundation, you do not need to use the Blank theme. when you say Global Content, I take it you mean the WeaverPix Page??

  2. Which Global Import Stack did you use? The Import Lite or the Import one? If you used the Lite one, you will want to change.

  3. When setting the links, are you also choosing the Page Type to WeaverPix 3?

The project file is from RapidWeaver 5 so you will need to open it in that first.
Hope this helps.

Hello again - and thank you for the fast reply,

  1. Yes, I intend to import WeaverPix pages
  2. First I tried the Lite-version, which could not work since I would like to import a weaverpix page, not a stacks page. Now I have the “Global Import” Stack under investigation :wink:
  3. settings are as shown in your sccreenshot.

open questions:
Is it necessary to publish the weaverpix pages on a webserver and import via URL or could this be done for local pages as shown in my screenshot?
Is it necessary to have the “to-be-imported” pages as sub-pages of “Global Content” stack?

It is necessary to publish the WeaverPix pages, but linking the way you have done will work. It fact it will not work by using a URL

No, to be imported pages can be anywhere, but we suggest you do not show them in menu,.

Now, are you publishing this page or just previewing? You need to publish it to see it, it will not work in Preview.

Check out the Global Content docs page here

O.K., so I know that I´m doing quite right. The pages I deal with are not showing in the menu (“Show in navigation” is unchecked / off).
I exported the site alway in a local folder and checked there whether it worked (up to now it did not). I read the docs page of global content (your link) up and down, but I can not see what I made wrong.

BTW the project file of the delivery package comes in two versions RW5 und RW6, opening the RW6 files with RW6 lead to a crash - so I can not have a look at this package

OK, I will look at the project files and see what is up. So is it working or not?

No, it´s not working so far :frowning:

Do you have a published link?

I think I know your issue. Global Content needs the pages to be PHP, you can not preview PHP pages inside Safari, even if you export it. UNLESS you use MAMP

If your pages are html, then you need to change them and export your folder and then use MAMP. You can watch a Weavercast here

that will help you set up and use MAMP

Thank you for the advice I downloaded MAMP an I´ll give that a try but first have to finish the site, there are still a few problems to solve… (navigation issue, I´m going to open a new thread on that)