SVG logos in Foundation

I’d like to use an SVG logo just to the left of my site name in the left half of Foundation’s Top Bar. The SVG is already in Resources from when I put it in Safari Pinned Tweets in Web Icons (although that’s just showing up as a white circle in place of the circular favicon). I tried putting a Foundation SVG stack inside a container in Top Bar, but can’t drag the SVG into it, either from the Resources window or from the Finder. If you have insights into both problems that would be fabulous! But I’ll take either… thanks!

You simply have to double-click on the SVG stack in edit mode and paste the code of your svg graphic in there.

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Thanks Matthias! I was trying to drag & drop like other types of graphics and didn’t understand the part about the code. Once that was clear, it was simple enough to get the code from Illustrator by doing an Export SVG, and one of the items in the SVG Options dialog box was the Show Code button.

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