Category - New RapidWeaver Stack from Weavium : ]

(Weavium) #1

Introducing Category – A one-of-a-kind expandable tab-slider like nothing before~ from Weavium!

Category was born from pure creativity and innovation. We wanted to create a stack that mimics tab-like functionality along with a slider and expandable content, much like UI trends that appear in many mobile applications today. We’ve come up with something totally unique and we hope you enjoy it! :slight_smile:

One-of-a-kind, Slidable, Expandable and just plain Cool!

Get it on sale now for 25% off (Just $11.24) using the follow discount code:


Find out more here:

(Kenny White) #2

@weavium - You’re killin’ me $15 at a time… instant buy. Great work :slight_smile:

(robertreinink) #3

+1 instant…again…

(Michael) #4

Another wonderful stack, thanks a lot!!
One thing, is it just me or is the picture in RapidWeaver missing for the Category stack?

(r) #5

You are the king of expandable content stacks! Another instant purchase.

(R L) #6

@rolisize you seem to be keen on cool stacks. Do you have any examples of site’s you’ve built? Just curious.

(Weavium) #7

It’s true, somehow the image went missing. We will get it re-added along with the next update, which should be soon. : )

(system) #8

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