Stacks 3 -- Powerful, Fast, and with over 800 Stacks now available

Stacks 3 - Powerful, Fast, Customizable – now with over 800 Stacks available.

Come give it a try:

There are so many new features to Stacks 3, it’s hard to list them all, but I thought it would make a great forum post if we could try. So here goes nothin’…

  • Partials: A new way to build your pages from modular, editable, reusable components that you build yourself. You should watch the video here:

  • Super Fast, Super Customizable Library: A brand new library redesigned from the ground up to be blazing fast with configuration options to help you adjust your workflow just the way you like.

  • New Sidebar Interface: Both the Stacks Library and the Info Pane can be used as Windows, Popovers, or Sidebars. Plus hide/show them quickly with simple keyboard shortcuts. Now Stacks works great on all screen sizes!

  • New Responsive Content: The built in column stacks are now responsive and support stacked layout options, per-platform hiding. All images now support responsive resizing and automatically export retina resolutions when the source image is large enough.

  • Much wow! Such Awesome! OMG LOL! Yes, Stacks now supports animated GIF format. No matter if you say GIF the right way or the wrong way, it’s pretty awesome.

  • A brand new update interface which makes it much easier to see all the updates available and get the all downloaded and installed quickly.

And so many other small and not-so-small features:

  • Retina graphics/icons/exporting support everywhere.
  • More details shown in the library for each stack.
  • Custom library groups allow you to build your own groups.
  • Favorites lets you mark stacks that you use most often.
  • Arrange your library with tags, authors, or by title.
  • Change sorting options of your library.
  • Change icon sizes, and resize the library to display in columns.

And for the developers:

  • An amazing new API with new API documentation ( ).
  • Inline-Stacks, Child-Stacks, Add-Types, and more to help build complex groups of interworking stacks.
  • Buttons with graphical icons that automatically pull icons directly from Font Awesome.
  • New much more compact Details button for cleaner UI.
  • New multi-line text input for longer blocks of text.
  • New control-arrays to compact up to four related controls into a single row.
  • Floating point math calculations.
  • More meta-info like author, tags, etc for library searches
  • All new developer console.
  • Automatic devstack updating.
  • New template scopes
  • The latest jQuery and Font Awesome libraries included
  • Font Awesome automatically included in Edit mode.

Wow, that was a lot. And I’m betting I missed a ton too. The best way to see them, is to download the free trial and see for yourself how awesome it is.


Congratulations from all the Realmac team on the launch, @isaiah!


Stacks 3 is amazing! It truly is the best way to design websites. These are exciting times right now… there are so many great things happening in this community. I love it that we are taking web design to the next level.

I know that this launch will be a huge success. You deserve it!


Wow! … First things first … Love the new site :grinning:

Now on to the good stuff, Stacks 3…

Every so often you come across a product that you never realized how much you needed or how you could have lived without it. Stacks 3 is one of those products.

Every good thing that was ever said about Stacks 2 now seems like it was pre-mature (That isn’t a knock on Stacks 2 but Stacks 3 is that good).

The advertising is not mere hype but it is substantive and really only begins to scratch the surface when you consider what types of stacks can now be built with the api.

Isaiah has once again delivered the goods for the RapidWeaver Community. I have no doubt that this will be a successful launch … good luck!


Congratulations for this great update! This is how I always wanted the Stacks plugin should look like (and also nothing against Stacks 2 :grinning:)

There not only substantial new features available for users like partials, but also for the developers to build even more compelling Addon stacks. Thanks @isaiah for the hard work and passion.

Cheers, Jannis


How do I get my free update since I purchased Stacks 2 a few weeks ago?

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Isaiah is being modest. When he claims Stacks 3 is 3 times as fast and powerful, I disagree — it’s a thousand times that. Easily. Every action is greased lightning, every transition a secret pleasure. It purrs with power and feels like luxury to the touch, and will enhance workflows and elevate production to even more professional and profitable levels.

Stacks 3 is stacks on steroids and is truly worth getting excited about.


@bruce: we’ll be sending them out asap – but if you contact our support email Christi can fix you up immediately.

Looks deeply fab.

Can’t find any info on what the upgrade price from Stacks 2 will be though - just a straight new purchase price.

I’ve just emailed them Bruce. Purchased mine on 14-07-15. Will let you know how I get on.

Thanks - and good luck - to everyone at YourHead. What a piece of software!



An absolutely BRILLIANT upgrade. Thanks for all the hard work Isaiah!

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I can’t say enough good things about Stacks 3. Suffice to say, it’s an incredible piece of software that you ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE.


@robbeattie - if you own any version of Stacks then the price is half-off ($24.95). There is a link from within the app (just click the blue ribbon) – or you can go directly here:

Thanks a lot. Good deal.

after you purchase it how do you download it? it went to a blank page that says


You’ve found link to a missing page. Hopefully it’s just temporary. If it continues, let us know.

@garyp - just click on of the Download link on

but it sounds like there is a bad link out there somewhere – if you tell me where i’ll get that one fixed up so other people don’t have to bump into it.

it was on the redirect after you made the purchase using paypal. I ended up downloading the file and just installing it. and typed in my code that seemed to fix it though. not sure if I was supposed to be redirected to a download link.

Great update. I also got the error after purchasing and also in the Stacks 3 Reference Manual the link to the Partials video gets the same error.

I’m trying to see what the Unpack button does before I click it.

i think i’ve fixed both of the links mentioned. let me know if anyone else notices any bad ones. thanks!