Target not pinning to the very bottom of the browser

Hi, I am struggling with the TARGET-Stack as I do not manage to get it pinned to the very bottom of the browser window. There is always a smaller or larger part below my footer. ( Maybe somebody is able to help me out ? Many thanks !

Are you using the latest version (2.0) of the Target stack? It just received a major update.
Although, also the old version should do this of course. Tagging @joeworkman

Yes, I do…but I had the same issue with previous version.

It’s just that there is a 20px margin at the bottom of your paragraph stack. If you select ‘remove bottom margin’ in the stack settings then that should fix it for you.

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hm…I have removed the only 20px margin I could find…but this dos not fix the problem.

It may be the theme you are using…you never said?

I am using Foundation

Ok…have you looked at the sample file…that might help you.

The sample file of Foundation ?


Did you do this :point_up_2: in your paragraph stack?

I tried to find out with the sample file now. Maybe it has something to do because I use a multilingual partial for my footer.

Does your content on the page fill the entire browser?? I have not tried this but I think if the content only fills half of the browser and you have the footer set to pin on the bottom, it will pin it at the bottom of the content and not the browser itself. Again, I could be wrong, but I think that might be the issue.

Let’s try with a picture…


Yes I did the remove bottom margin…and it worked, but it only worked for the home page. Normally, as I use same partial footer for all pages, i wonder why the issue is not also solved for all other pages. Would you have a hint?

Republish all files?

Add some padding to the stacks inside of the Target stack. It needs it.

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Cool…the padding solved the issue. Many thanks to all of you for your swift feedback and help! Much appreciated!

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