Template social icons

Another question I am using the Allegro pro and its says includes social media icons how would I actually add them into my site I have searched and searched are they in some form font driving me bats trying to locate them and use them as a footer per page

thanks for any pointers

Font Awesome, is what I believe you are referring to? Find Icons with the Perfect Look & Feel | Font Awesome

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Perhaps you mean the zocial social media icon set which is bundled with the theme?

If so, you should be able to place them with html snippets like:-

<a href="#" class="zocial icon twitter flat"></a>

Try placing that into an html stack (assuming you are using Stacks) and see what you get.

Checking the website it looks like your download should have included a sample project which includes the social icon snippets you’re looking for. There’s a screenshot on that page which shows them in RW’s sidebar, so you should be able to copy and paste the ones you need from the sample project into your own one.