Updating social media icons for Epicon by Michael David Designs

Hi peeps…I’m a low grade user :grin: …I just use RapidWeaver for my music and the theme I have been using is Epicon. However the designer seems to have disappeared!

I would like to update the included social media icons to more modern versions as well as adding a Patreon icon. I did a search here and came across font awesome but I don’t want to spend a hundred bucks a year on social media icons! that’s a LOT of Spotify plays…!!

any help would be much appreciated :+1::+1::+1:

Welcome to the forum,

Which social icons are you looking to replace?

The theme you mentioned includes Font Awesome version 4.

I would guess what you found is the newer FA5 professional plan, most of the “social media” icons like FB, Twitter and instagram are in the free FA5 plan, and really haven’t changed much from FA4.

I don’t know what Social Media Icons that theme uses or how difficult it’s going to be to change them.

It’s always best if you can provide a URL to a page with what you want to change.

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Hi teefers, thank you for your quick response!

Ah ok, glad there is already some version of Font Awesome included…although if it’s integrated in the theme I’m guessing I’m stuck with whatever versions were in FA4?

I need the current versions of: instagram, youtube, Spotify, patreon, Apple Music and facebook.

Do you mean can I post a link to my website?

If so… http://www.deluxerecordings.com

There’s nothing there at the moment as I’m rebuilding it but the social media icons are there at the top

All those icons are available in FA 4.0 except Apple Music.

The tutorial part way down this page - http://michaeldaviddesign.com/themes/epicon/tutorial/index.html - shows how to integrate them, but I guess you’ve got that far already.

I can’t see Apple Music in the free FA 5.0 icon set so if it’s a necessity you may have to consider an alternative?

You could start here - https://www.slant.co/topics/143/~best-icon-web-fonts

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Thank you Rob…there is an apple icon so I can use that…but I couldn’t see a Patreon one?

I have just bought Foundation and will learn that for future updates as it seems Michael David has stopped supporting his themes…thanks again.

Sorry, that’s the free version of FA 5.0 which it looks like the theme doesn’t support.

I presume you’ve tried to contact Michael David and had no luck? In these difficult times, they may just be slow in replying. Last interaction I had was last July when they said they were developing a new theme and still actively supporting existing ones.

Just in case, their support email is mddthemes AT gmail DOT com.

Alternatively, you could create a website that looked like Epicon with Foundation pretty easily.

Best of luck


If you bought Foundation it includes the FA 5 pro library, so would be worth a look.

If your just after a quick addition why not get the svg versions of the icons you need and add them using BWD’s blueprint stack or Stacks4stacks image stack.

What is it you want to do? You said that you wanted to “change” the icons on that them. I don’t have that theme but i don’t know how easy it’s going to be to do.

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