Allegro Pro .... where are the 46 social media icons? Help 😕

I am running rapidweaver 7, I built a simple work website in Allegro, liked it and then bought Allegro Pro, extra features and social buttons included.
My problem is I can’t see where the buttons are or how to look for them…
Help gratefully received.

this the tutorial for social icons from a different theme but should be the same process, might help:

Did you check out the sample project that came with the theme:

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hi teefers
thank you for your reply, I did look at this, but could not see how to apply it to theme, I thought that it would be automatically added.

thank you rolisize
have applied code as highlighted in link.
many thanks, it appears to have solved my dilemma :slight_smile:

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Hi All, I have manage to use icons for website using the code provided, however, I haven’t the code in my sample project folder.
I have deleted addon, deleted folders and re downloaded, but still have the problem.
I tried to get support from Brandon Lee, but that was no help and my questions go unanswered.
The only items I have in the sample folder are images, and a grayed out icon.

hi, did you go to the side bar panel of the sample file and see if there is any code there

Hard to tell from the picture, but looks like there’s a file called “sample snippets.” Right-click that and open with a text editor and I would guess it contains code.
There’s a snippet folder (I’m not at my Mac right now) that you should be able to copy and paste those into and access them from the snippet function built into RapidWeaver.

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