RW 6 vs. RW7 Update or not?

Recently upgraded to RW6 from RW5. Overall I am happy with the software. But I have found one significant problem with RW6 that I didn’t seem to have with RW5. Changing the Banner Image with one that I create. I can’t get it to display properly no matter what size I make the Banner and even when I uncheck the Slogan and Title for the Header both still display. Since this appears to be a flaw with the program I doubt it can be corrected without a software fix via an update.

Needless to say my Banners don’t look right and I can’t use them nor even publish the sites. Unless someone has a suggestion as to how to fix this problem I am wondering if I should upgrade to RW7 now? Anyone have any ideas? I have read that RW7 easily customizes Banners while previous editions of the program do not. Will that solve the problem?

Hi, this sounds more like a theme issue. Do you have a test website for more details?

Hi Jannis:

I will publish it in just a few minutes. Will provide the URL shortly.


Here is the URL. Currently uploading. Should be ready in a couple of minutes.

Have tried the Tesla theme that is included with RW6. Read the following but it is not working for me.

In fact, now when I add the Code to the CSS for each page, I don’t even get the existing banner to be replaced with my own. just stays with Banner 8 I think.

Added the Code in the following link:

Got my Banner back in place. However, the size of it is huge and it is very distorted. Using a .png Tried Normalizing images but that has not solved the problem.

Any ideas?

Your image is very small. This is the image I’m finding on the URL you linked to above:

The banner is made to house a large, background image that provides a backdrop for the banner’s content like the site title, navigation and logo. The logo is likely where you want to place your above image. That is found in the site settings.

Also, there is a Pro version of the Tesla theme that allows for custom banners without needing to deal with code snippets and the like: Tesla Pro theme for RapidWeaver

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Adam. Thank you for the reply.

I have noted that the Themes included in RW 6 are not really customizable. In the past I purchased Themes that could be customized when I had RW 4. They are not compatible with RW 6.

Will do as you suggest for now while I work on purchasing a Theme (probably yours) that can be customized. Will wait to get feedback from the users of the site before I make any decision.