Banner image RW7 bug? [SOLVED]

I am a RW user since v1. Made 60 or more websites. No beginner. No html coder.

RW7 seems great. Especially the option to override the default banner per page. I did just that. It looks awesome on my Mac. Yet when exporting or uploading I see the same image as banner on each page. Not even the default banner, but the image of the last page.

Tried with Kiki, KikiPro and Lander. All same behaviour. Tried new project. Same issue.

Any suggestions? I reported theme builders and realmac, but havent heard from them yet (24 hours)

Hi @azeeman

I think we have an open ticket about this on yuzoolthemes support, do we not?

If I am mistaken on that point, could you be persuaded to pop over to and raise a support ticket for us to investigate the issue?

If I am not mistaken, then will you please forgive my sense of bewilderment over the ‘not having heard from them’ part?

Kind regards.

I hope everyone understands with the release of Rapidweaver 7 and all the changes that have been made that all community developers are probably swamped with support queries (some valid, some user error as usual) and that everyone is patient as these issues get worked through.

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I made a new topic here yesterday. Same issue. I’m glad I’m not the only one. Did you search the forum before you posted this? Didn’t see my post?? Its totally erratic for me, not working at all. Im sure they are working on a solution.

I emailed support at realmac and later developer. Strangely no one asked for the project file to test for themselves. I offered this.

I do production with RW. If it is beta I would love to know. Than I stick to RW version -1.

FYI I am RW user day one (even before it was named RW) and spend 1000+ usd in the developer community. When I report an issue I would love to learn the process and and get an indication on complexity problem. There are several things which might cause the problem. Perhaps it is even a conflict with something on my Mac.

Regarding the help/ support systems: I always check the FAQ, but these things are so basic and not related. This forum is new to me and I could not find a solution.

I did some debugging.

New Mac Pro
Fresh install RW7
Fresh Install Kiki Pro
Fresh project
Only TextOnly pages
3 new images
Fake text and uploaded project

AGAIN: the last banner on each page and NOT a unique banner on every page
Yes I have a banner in the prefs of every page

So seems a true bug


Here is what I do:

  1. Also a brand new MacBook Pro ( < 2 weeks old ).
  2. Version 7.0.1 (17728)
  3. Clean install of Kiki Pro.
  4. Add four pages. On each page use a custom/override banner in the general settings for the page.
  5. Publish

Expected result == All pages get a unique banner as configured.
Actual result == All pages get a unique banner as configured.

The URL is here:

I was able to reproduce this with RW7 freshly activated from the beta, but now I cannot seem to reproduce it.
Will keep trying.

I’ll also contact you via the support ticket with information about how to upload your project for me to take a look at.




I understand it works on your systems. Otherwise it would not have been released.

Yet my system is a particle in the real world. Latest version 7.01 And there is a problem houston.

In your project you don’t have all the pages using the master style by any chance do you?

Apologies if that seems a very basic a thing to ask, as I now realise you are tremendously experienced, but it might be worth double checking?


See this conversation for help?


Indeed unchecking the ‘Use Master Style’ box solved the issue.

The GUI now is confusing.


I can’t see what should be unclear about “Use Master Style”. Looks more like a confused user than a confusing GUI to me.

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I think they are saying it is confusing that you want the Master Style for all pages, but yet use the individual page banner image. I think that if Realmac wants it this way, if the Master Style is checked, the per page banner image should not work or be hidden. That would fix the confusion. I honestly think you should be able to use the custom banner image on a per page basis WITH the Master Style box checked, that is the way I would think it should work.


SOLVED and case closed for the moment.

I had the same problem and figured out that I needed to check the box to NOT use the Master theme. Rapid weaver should fix the tutorial video. They do not mention this and they should, IMHO.

I got a reply from Realmac. It is a bug, it will be fix in the new update. For now uncheck use master style.


Glad to hear it’s a bug and will be addressed. It’s only logical that Override Site Banner should do just that without having to throw out the baby with the bathwater on overall style.

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I’m still having this issue.

Hi, I just launched a new website with RW7, override banner option for each page, AND “use master style” unchecked as I defined my own theme style and used this one on each page. Although I have the option “banner image - cover” checked, AND RW7 is previewing all the banners just fine, when I upload, the website only uses the LAST banner. Can anybody help? Thanks a million - Kris