Tesla pro Banner pixelated in iphone/ipad portrait mode [SOLVED]

Any ideas why when I see my website http://paresbiomagneticos.net on an iphone/ipad portrait mode banner are pixelated but if i twist to landscape mode image resolution look fine and crisp.

I’ve doble check all setting and image resolution and looks right to me (banner: 2000x1500px, medium: 1024x768, small 480x360px) Yes I’ve replaced the original banner images with my own pictures. I duplicated theme inside RW, show content package, deleted original and put my customized banner with exact same sizes and matching names (banner_1.jpg , banner_1_medium.jpg and banner_1_small.jpg and so on up to five banners).

It’s seems like iphone/ipad doesn’t take any of the three sizes cause banner are really pixelated.
Thanks for your suggestion.

Working on original Tesla Pro theme, it’s the same.
The image is being scaled upwards to fit a portrait orientation. The image(s) are landscape, so depending on the device’s screen size and resolution this could cause pixelation since the default banners use small images for the mobile breakpoints.
Using the custom banner feature you will not run into that. :slight_smile:
So I’m using a custom banner features but I do not understand the point of three size options for default banners (small, medium and default 2000x1500px)