Banner image not being responsive

Hi everyone,

I’m having issues with my banner image being responsive on mobile size screens.

About Us page - Beam Theme (WeaverThemes) - I am using your own built-in image Banner 1 and it doesn’t resize on the iPhone or iPad in either landscape or portrait modes, looks great on laptop.

Gallery page - Beam Theme - I am using my own image. It is placed in the RW Inspector “Override Site Banner” placeholder and once again looks fine on laptop but not responsive on iPhone or iPad in either landscape or portrait modes.

Home page - Shift theme (WeaverThemes) - In landscape mode on the iPad the banner image also doesn’t resize correctly and also the logo is fine on laptop, iPhone and iPad screens but in landscape mode on the iPhone the last letters on word “construction” in the logo are not visible they disappear off the edge. ??

Link to the site

Can anyone please help me with some suggestions.

I have contacted WeaverThemes but not getting any response from them.

Many thanks,

Looks fine to me in all mobile and full size screens, and portrait & landscape modes.
Did you work out how to fix it?
I am having the same problem with overriding site banner not being responsive.
What was your solution?

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