Tesla theme not allowing multiple columns

Sorry for the lack of experience in advance, but I’m trying to use a css styled pricing table with the tesla theme. If I run the code for the table separately, it works just fine. As soon as I try to implement the script in the page, however, it loses all formatting and shows up as a bulleted list. Like I said, I know just enough about HTML to get the site up, I’m really no good at troubleshooting.

GitHub Repository: https://github.com/Livewire50183/NSMarine.git
Web page in question: https://northstarmarineservices.com/about

Thanks in advance for any help!

How is the page built if its a stacks page the there are table stacks that would do this fairly easy

I’ve just been using basic HTML written directly into the edit window. I’ll look into that.

I changed the page over to a stacks page and, using the Builder plugin, it worked great. The only issue now is the table is cut off on the right side? I’lll try messing around with the column widths in the stylesheet and see if that helps. But thanks @scottsteven for the recommendation!

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