Is any one else having problems with columns lately?

Over the last few weeks Ive been having with columns in RW , this suddenly started happening when i had to do updates for people.
The columns are now behaving very strange when published . I did get around it last time by rebuilding the whole page thought it was limited to a specific site, however it isn’t .
As you can see the columns are failing in the live site

Any clues please ?? Might be a Safari issue ( I’m using 11.1 ) , appears ok in Chrome ??

The Theme is SHOW latest RW and stacks and everything is up to date.
See pics

It could be that, if you just change one page and publish that one, that the respective CSS code is still cached by the browser.

Try to republish all files.

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thanks that sorted it - Ive never needed to do that before so didn’t really think about it - cheers Leigh

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