Tesla Website- Slideshow

Hello, I would like to know how to create a slide show on Tesla ?

There is a built-in plugin called photo album; this makes a page that can be displayed as a slideshow.
If you are looking to add a Carousel or slide show to an existing stacks page there are lots of options.
If you are looking to have the top of telsa be a slide show I don’t think that is possible.

Thanks a lot for your response. However how can I use the plugin called “photo album”. Is it something that I have to download or to set in ?

Photo Album is a type of page that comes with Rapidweaver so you already have it.

In edit mode go to the ‘+’ button at the top left and click it.
Choose Photo Album
That’s it, you’ve added a Photo Album page to your website

The Rapidweaver manual should help you understand how to use it.


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I think that I’m looking to create a Carousel/ slide show to a page. Any tips on how to do that ?

It doesn’t look like you can in the main banner area - though I don’t have the theme so could be wrong.

Do you have the Stacks plugin? That’s the easiest way to add a slider/carousel underneath the banner.


Thank you for your response.
No I don’t have the Stacks plugin. How can I have that plugin ?

Hi there @User2 – Replacing the banner with a slideshow is not an option with the Tesla or Tesla Pro theme. Even using something like Stacks will not allow you to achieve what you’re looking to do with that theme.

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