Text color swatch won't work

I can’t figure out what I could possibly be doing wrong. I created a text color swatch for white text in my footer. I named it. But entering the name of that swatch into the Custom Classes field doesn’t change a thing–the text color remains the color that I set in Site Styles. I have the footer text in a 1-column stack, and the 1-column stack in a container. I’ve tried adding the swatch name to each of these (container, 1 column stack, and text stack) to see if that would make a difference; it hasn’t. I also have another text stack for a different part of the site. For that one, the link color that I’ve set works, but again, the text color does not (I could solve that one by just changing the site style to what I wanted). Help! This really should be something simple and basic, and I can’t figure out what I could be missing.

What did you name it…exactly!

All different things, in case it made a difference. At first it was something like colortext, but then I used charlie, and I ended with pleasework. (Nothing did.) I can get around the problem by using a header stack instead of a text stack and then just using the “tiny” header in the color I want, but it’s stupid. Why does the swatch work for every text color EXCEPT plain text?

Without seeing the swatches you set up it’s hard to say what is going on.

  1. I took the footer template that is part of Foundation 6 templates(unpacked it).
  2. I set up a swatch gave it a class name of myfooter
  3. I set up a swatch for background color also called myfooter
  4. I then set the text color for Header, text, link and link hover
  5. I then took the container stack that was part of the footer template and added the myfooter class to it.
  6. I then replaced the Sample Column 1 stuff with a Fondation 6 (markdown) text stack

And it all works Fine:

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