Text of stack with dark background color

I’m converting my main website from Foundation 1 to Foundation 6. Which is slow but progressing. The homepage has a hero header with a dark background. Rapidweaver shows the background in design mode. Unfortunately, this makes the text on stacks like the Picture stack of Foundation really hard to read:

I guess that the black color of the text comes from Rapidweaver. Can this be somehow improved so that I can read the text?

I’m using High Sierra, which only has Light Mode.

The Edit Area is the problem. On the computer with Monterey I can switch to Dark Mode. But then I can’t read the rest of the interface. image

I misunderstood something here.

I guess I can’t tell what you can’t read. If it’s inside the main edit area of a stacks page then it’s probably due to the fact that the styling (CSS) from the swatches to set the background color are being applied in edit mode.
If it’s the descriptive text that appears only in edit mode that you are having trouble reading, that color is set by the stacks plugin.

Perhaps @joeworkman or @isaiah can comment on this.

You could easily define the default text color for that section as it’s still using the default colors from Site Styles. You could do this with a Text color swatch or adding something like the color:white utility class to the container.

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