Text upside down and reversed in edit mode

I don’t know why this just started happening. When you scroll up or down in edit mode, it sometimes changes to this, and then sometimes changes back.

Just in RW?

Yes, just in RW.

Ok…I put a link to @dan at RW…he should be able to help or give you an idea.

Are you using one little designer boost toolbar?


Not using little designer boost toolbar.

Is it only happening on Stacks pages?

The screenshot only shows the edit area, what about the inspector area or the page list?


Which stacks and theme are you using?

I’ve seen this error before. For me it happened, when hardware acceleration kicked in in edit mode, which was activated by certain CSS settings.

Yes, only in the page section, not in the inspectors or page lists.

I’m using Foundation 6 and the Foundation 6 theme. I may replace my Site Styles as a test to see if that cleans it up.

It didn’t fix it by replacing my Site Styles.


I think this would be more something for @isaiah or @joeworkman to have a look at. They will probably need the project file.

If you have a simple project (like a one page file) and you wouldn’t mind to share, please send it to me. The less content the better.

Never seen that before, I think sharing a sample project showing the issue would help get this resolved quickly!


I’ve had it occasionally. It usually goes away after switching to preview and back again.

It’s an odd bug that does not happen on all Macs. It’s not specific to F6 but it does happen to some users in F6. I’ve had this happen to me a handful of times but never on a repeatable basis.

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How do I share the project file? I tried compressing it, but the Upload button won’t let me do it.

It’s best to put the zipped file onto something like Dropbox, OneDrive or Sync, and set it to shared and paste the shared link here or in a message to who you want.

Even a small zipped project file is pretty big.

Here’s a link to the file:


It’s only a one page site. I was trying to re-write our site using Foundation 6. The current site (Foundation 1) is not working. Getting an error described in another post which I haven’t been able to solve.

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