Thank you for all your feedback with this thread and BIG THANK YOU to @willwood

I wanted to reply to this thread and share what i did so other may find this tip and information useful for future web design - Need ideas and feedback redesigning this page but it was closed and it wouldn’t allow me to reply to it.

The result was I used paperless stack from stack4stack in combo with SelectNav stack also from Stack4Stack to filter it by year

Here the new page -

Many thanks to @willwood for adding the feature request to Paperless so we could use live filtering in URL and use the free SelectNav stack with it!!! You rocks!


@TechBill That’s great! I also have the Paperless stack. There are 1 or 2 things I’d like to make it easier for my end users to find. I understand how to set up the SelectNav stack, but what did you specifically do so making a choice in SelectNav results in filtering the content you wanted? If I have your example then I can apply/adapt to my situation.

Update the paperless stack if you haven’t yet done so.

In paperless stack, enable Live Filtering and you will notice a new box underneath Live Filtering called “Query Parameter” with a default value of “filter” This new feature will allow you to do live filtering via URL so if you left it default value “filter” then let say you want to filter all filename at with “Mathew” only then you would enter URL

In my case to filter out by the year, I use something like this and use a URL address for each year in SelectNav to filter out by the year

Will updated the instruction on his Paperless stack page about the new feature and how to use it -


Bill: Thanks so much. I had read Will’s instructions but I was still having problems. However your explanation works just fine! This will be easy to implement now and is very very useful.

Thanks @willwood for the fantastic product and extra features. (I’m also using the new custom coloring for custom extensions added in 1.10) Thanks @TechBill for the very effective instructions.


Thank you for the kind words, it is much appreciated. I hope these stacks are of use to you.

It is very useful and again thank you for the very recent feature update you added to the stack. The “exclude” feature :smile: It’s perfect now!

@willwood just did another update adding a new feature which may be useful to you. A feature that allows us to exclude some of the things from live filtering like file date or file type etc in live filtering.

Thanks again! @willwood. You rulez! :smile:

Yes, I love most of the new features. However, what’s the “use case” for exclude file icons, exclude file names, or exclude file types? It may be that I just don’t need those features myself (though great to have), but could you describe where/how this might be useful to some folks?

The issue I was facing was that I wanted to be able to search newsletters by the year in it filename and live filtering take all information in account including the file date when filtering.

I just recently copied all my newsletter files from years 2018 to 2011 to a different folder which update all the file date to 2018 since it was modified when all of it was copied over. If I wanted to do a search on 2018, it list all the files because all the file dates are now 2018 instead newsletters with 2018 in it filename.

One way I could fix this is to to use linux command “touch” to restore all of the newsletters back to it original year when it was first created in and I have hundred of newsletter and at first I mistakenly assume it was a bug until Will explain that intended function and currently there wasn’t a way to exclude the file date from filtering when searching for a newsletter by the year unless the newsletter file date has not been modified when it was first created.

I was getting ready to try to write a php script to touch all the newsletter files until I noticed a “update available” on the stack update icon this morning. It was a nice surprise :slight_smile: Now I don’t have to touch the files instead I just exclude the file date from the filtering and it will bring up all the correct year since I include the date that the newsletter was issued in the filename.

Hope I was clear in explaining, sorry my English isn’t all that great but I try my best.

Bill: Many thanks. That’s a great example. I’ll keep this in mind as I plan on using Paperless a lot in the future. I’m using it in a basic way for my courses this semester, but my sense is I can do some really great things with it in the future when I have a bit more time to brainstorm/plan.

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