Introducing 2 new stacks.....Content Filter and Easy Grid!


I am back with not one but two new stacks!


Content Filter stack

Content Filter stack is a stack that allows you to categorise content and then have that conditionally shown or hidden based on selections by the user (or by pre-filtering by passing in a value via the url).

You have complete control over how the filter buttons look and operate which makes the number of potential use cases limitless. See the demo page where we use it to create:

  • a tab-style interaction
  • a pricing table that adapts it content
  • an image grid
  • and more!

All of this is achieved purely with CSS making for a super-efficient and lightweight solution that works all its magic without any JavaScript/jquery etc!

Filter is available now with an introductory discount of 30%!


Easy Grid stack

I really love this new Easy Grid stack. I think this is my best stack. It is so simple and powerful that it will be my default grid / columns stack going forward - and if you take a chance (on yet another grid stack) then I reckon it will quickly become yours too!

It takes CSS grid and makes it super-easy to build amazing flexible and dynamic grid layouts. With a very limited and simple array of settings you can:

  • Select between a fixed or dynamic grid layout
  • Control block alignment
  • Control content alignment
  • Style to your heart is content
  • Break out of block grids by adding in pre-built or custom spans (of columns and/or rows)

For a limited time (because everyone needs this stack in their Stacks toolbox) I am offering it for half price!! Don’t miss out.

Hope you enjoy these. Any questions just shout.

As always, thanks for your support.
Shaking the Habitual


Source keeps getting better and better. Keep on shaking, Stuart!

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@yabdab :rofl: Admittedly I do still use your filter stack on some of my sites! However I’ve also used Themeflood’s and inStacks’ filters, both of which are also contenders. Horses for courses, I’d say.

Thanks @Marten_Claridge - these are actually independent of Source and work great in any framework :slight_smile:

@yabdab - if you can delete the post advertising your product in my announcement thread that would be great. Thanks.

Thanks to everyone who has picked up these stacks. Have had great feedback on both of them - including identification of a couple of little bugs that should be fixed in the updates pushed out yesterday.

Have put together a new page (and demo project) on our Knowledge Base to show some additional ways that the Content Filter stack can be used (nested filters, Feeds integration, splitting a markdown document and using a dropdown selector to filter).

  • 30% discount for Content Filter ends on Friday 5th April
  • 50% discount for Easy Grid reduces to 30% on Friday 5th April

If it helps, you can find a great and fabulous integration of Easy Grid and Content Filter in Poster2 with demo and download created by Stuart