Need ideas and feedback redesigning this page

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I am in the process of redesigning this web page -

I did not develop this page and I been redoing most of thier web pages, they wanted to keep it simple no sidebars etc so I started doing some of the pages with new header topbar and footer The new header and footer is going to look like the one I did for contact form page -

Basically this page is a newsletter archive and there is a newsletter each month so I don’t want to develop page every month when a new newsletter is released instead I plan to use this Paperless stack i purchased today from Stack4Stack -

At first I thought it will allow us to move from directory to directory since I have a directory created for each year with the newsletter that match the years in it. Now I am going to have to create a page for each year and use the Paperless stack for each page which is fine with me however I am having a designer block on how to list the years link on a page then when a user select the year it take them to that paperless page on the year they chosen.

At first, I thought I would do the same method as the existing on using accordion for each year then I decided it would be too ugly since the existing one developed by previous developer is ugly enough. Then I thought maybe have a tab at top of the page for each year with the currect year active but again I am not sure about that.

RIght now I am thinking maybe have a drop down menu somewhere in the middle with all the years listed in the menu but the current year paperless active on the page then if user wanted to select a different year they can do so in the drop down menu which pull up the year paperless page they chosen,

I am still banging my head on how to designed this page so I thought I would post and see if anyone offer me feedback or throw some ideas to me. I will buy you a coffee if you live close by :slight_smile:

Thank you for who all participated in this!

Thank you for all your feedback with this thread and BIG THANK YOU to @willwood
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I am thinking of using Joe Workman Pee A Boo stack to reveal the page with the year that user have chosen in the drop down menu too.

(Mathew Mitchell) #3

In this case I’m not sure why you don’t use one page only with Paperless on it. There’s only 12 newsletters in a year. You would need some intro text explaining how to use Paperless: e.g. type in year then select month for download.

If the newsletters were named in a sensible way (e.g. 2017-01 Newsletter.pdf) then filtering by year gives them 12 options: same as creating all those extra pages. If you think it would help you could create slightly longer names: 2017-01-Jan Newsletter.pdf

With 4 taps on their computer they’d have a list of 12 downloads, just the same as going to a bunch of different pages. Easy to add in the archives as well with good naming and simple instructions at the top.

(Bill Fleming) #4

So you mean putting it all in one same directory but separate the years based on filename? That might be a possibly and seem like a good idea.

Thank you

(Mathew Mitchell) #5

Yes, that’s exactly what I mean. As long as the file name begins with year then it should be super simple for folks to find what they want. Just make sure to “tick” (activate) filtering.

To make things even clearer you can set up Pagination to show 12 items (or whatever is the max for any year).

There’s a lot of nice options that @willwood has provided so you should be able to get the page to work very nicely with the look you want.

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