The end of Gosquared?

Today i received my mail from Gosquared with some statistics from my sites…
And instead of the links which were used i now got this:

Upgrade to see what’s driving visitors to your website and what content they’re viewing.

Is this the end of the free integration with Rapidweaver ?
Or is this just my account ?


So i guess nobody else is a big fan of Gosquared. I really liked the monthly overview for my customers. This is a chat reply i just got :

Our pricing has gone through quite a lot of changes recently. We’re trying to create a simpler pricing model that’s easier for our customers to understand. We want people to focus on the value our features provide instead of having an unpredictable plan that could vary each month based on the abstract concept of datapoint usage.
Unfortunately, all of of old usage based plans, including the Rapidweaver plan, now fall into our ‘Legacy plans’ category. The usage limit on your plan has not changed, you still get the10k datapoints/month you’ve always had, but some GoSquared features are now only available on paid subscriptions.
We’ve been supporting Rapidweaver users for free since 2010 and the features GoSquared offer have massively expanded during that time. We now have so many more features such as data exports, campaign tracking, live chat, new visits metrics etc and we had to draw a line somewhere.

So there it ends…
I believe google statistics is now the way to go…
Is there anybody who used both (GoSquared and Google) an got the same results ?


Try - I use it on all my projects (in conjunction with Google stats) - lots of features with the free account.

Hi Glenn, and everyone else here in the RapidWeaver community.

I’m James, one of the founders of GoSquared. We have always loved RapidWeaver, and we continue to support existing RapidWeaver customers, but we recently rolled out some changes to our billing system and plans that make things much simpler for most of our customers.

The downside of these billing system changes is there are a few limits now in place for people on existing free plans on GoSquared.

Just to re-iterate, if you’re already a RapidWeaver user, and are on an existing GoSquared free plan, your usage limits have not changed. But, there are a few features that are now only available if you’re a paying customer of GoSquared – including some historical data options in Analytics, and various features that are part of Live Chat, People CRM, and Automation – most of which have been introduced to the platform in recent years since our original integration with RapidWeaver.

If you’re a RapidWeaver user looking for features of GoSquared that no longer exist on your plan, then we would love to welcome you to become a paying customer. But if that’s not the right solution for you for whatever reason then we’d definitely suggest looking at free alternatives out there such as Google Analytics.

Thanks everyone,



I think lots of free services are going to start to go by the wayside as things get tougher over the coming years.

Good luck to all concerned.


I read an interesting business article the other day that was comparing the value of customer data, versus traditional commodities (like fossil fuels). And it is apparent that data harvesting is definitely the game to be in! Hence why companies like Facebook and Google have really sky-rocketed. Sometimes it is not so much a case nowadays of how many units you sell, but how much you know about your customers.

If you have been undecided about whether to deploy analytics in a website, now could be a good time to set it up. Because in 5 or 10 years from now, what you have collected might potentially be of high value to you, as an individual or company. The cost of buying data is only going to further increase. Growing your own data seems a wise move and has a more ethical standing.

I liked GoSquared but have not used it for a couple of years. Google Analytics seems to be the mainstay of most companies, but Google has made the admin dashboard ridiculously complicated IMO. I still have a soft spot for Piwik too.


Is it correct that the lowest priced paid plan on GoSquared is $999 per year?

It looks like its $1188/y. Unless Ive got my maths wrong.

I still use Go Squared and this is my plan.

Ah it must be different when you’re logged in!

Well, let’s wait and see what happens in May 2018 :grinning:

We use GoSquared as well, I do see that upgrade message, but I really don’t see what I am missing by not upgrading :slight_smile: GoSquared works just fine for us the way it is, I didn’t notice anything different… Maybe we’re not using it properly then…

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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to follow up here with a little more information on a few areas that may not be clear.

A long time ago, we offered a heavily discounted premium tier of GoSquared, called “RapidWeaver Premium” – this was discontinued several years ago, in favour of just a free tier of service and our standard plans and pricing available to all other customers. This is what Jan (above) is still on.

We have always worked to “grandfather” existing customers at their existing price point wherever possible, so to confirm, Jan you will not suddenly be charged a higher price on May 2018.

The recent changes have only been made to features available on our free tier – anyone who is a paying customer of GoSquared should not have seen any difference in what they can access, but can still benefit from upgrading to our new pricing for access to the full suite of features and raised usage limits.

Hope this helps!


When I first started using Rapidweaver years ago I used GoSquared for all my websites stats. I found it easier and simpler to view than Google Analytics.

The last few years though I switched permanently to Google Analytics and have no plans to change back.

The most irritating thing I found about GoSquared is that I could not stop them sending me ‘GoSquared Monthly Reports’ despite the fact I removed their code from my sites, went through their Turn Monthly Reports OFF procedure about 10 times and closed my account. They still sent me monthly emails saying I had no visitors so in the end I had no choice but to block all emails from

Hi Jamie,

Really sorry to hear you had a bad experience here. We certainly never want to send people emails they don’t want or don’t expect. Sounds like you must have run into some sort of bug here – regardless of the specific situation, we’ll take a look into this.



No problem James my only issue was with the unwanted emails. I liked the GoSquared dashboard and the way it displays stats so in general had a good experience using it.


I can understand the need to change business plans and see where to go with free accounts. My backup provider stopped using personal accounts and now only does business accounts (which are more expensive). But they announced this beforehand with a mail and i still have 8 months where i can continue and find an alternative or go with the business plan.
With you guys, i found out in a morning - without any communication and then you only put this in this forum after i copy-pasted the chat-response in.
I know it’s only a free account but when i needed it for a survey, i upgraded and payed for a while.
And yes you provided me with a 50% off for a while but still…



just for the record: I understand the direction you guys take, but your servers still contain MY historical information. I am not able anymore to access my monthly and yearly trends now due to this immediate decision without prior notice, can you explain how I can retrieve my information before leaving the service?

Thanks, Eric

Thank you! My Gosquared just got canceled, I reached a limit… I run 3 small websites, I can’t afford to pay $29 par month, or $75 British pounds per month! For a plan…

I simply want to know the basic stats. I can’t afford to pay $29 a month… I guess it’s the end for me.