7.0.4 and Gosquared: Supernatural Phenomena

I am in the process of redesigning/refining my website, and have just today upgraded to Rapidweaver 7.0.4.

Astonishingly, the two pages that I have worked on since the upgrade, but that absolutely have not been uploaded, are absolutely not on my website as it currently exists, and have not even been tested locally on the browser, are mysteriously showing up on the Gosquared Stats page.

How is that even possible?

Wondering if there is some kind of weird security breach in the latest version, that would allow Gosquared access to my computer. And whether this is really worrisome behavior.

The following image is from the GS report. Biscotti and Diaphanous Dots do not currently exist online.

This was the sequence:

  1. I worked on Diaphanous Dots
  2. I duplicated it, and changed the page name to Biscotti
  3. I went into the Inspector, and changed the path name as well

You can see that somehow Gosquared was able to record all those moves, where toujours/cards/orbs/diaphanous_dots_one became toujours/cards/orbs/page/ become toujours/cards/orbs/biscotti/ I also worked on the main page toujours/cards/orbs. That activity was recorded as well.

This behavior is frightening. I have reverted to 7.0.2.

I am not sure, but in version 7 RapidWeaver runs a true web server in preview. Also, when you fill in your statistics-page and do a preview the gosquared internet page is rendered and presented, so your local installation is able to access gosquared.

This means that you are running a web server (in RapidWeaver) and can access the gosquared page initiated from the workstation. For this perspective I find it not strange that your links can end up in gosquared, as these are from the local web server on your machine from a configured gosquared configuration. But, as said, I am not on version 7 and just trying to think with you what could have happened here…

I’m kind of fascinated by your analysis, Eric, although to be truthful, I don’t really understand what you mean. Are you saying that merely by virtue of previewing a page, the latest version considers it “published”?

My understanding of the GoSquared stats is that they measure visitor activity on your website. If the aforementioned pages have been designed locally, but never actually uploaded, and do not exist anywhere except on my own computer, how does GoSquared know about them?

That’s number one question.

Number two: this behavior did not exist in versions prior to 7.0.4. What’s different now?

I suspect that this situation is somehow related to actually manipulating data in the Inspector. Otherwise how would (again see screen shot) GS flag a page called toujours/cards/orbs/page which was merely an intermediate step before renaming it.

Well, you have put in the tracking code In the project I guess. Now that there are true web server-capabilities in RapidWeaver I am insinuating that the preview-function might have send statistics to gosquared as it would have done in a true published way :thinking:

I thought you came from version 6 but I now understand you were already on version 7, and are running release 7.04 (probably came from release 7.03). I am still on 6, so I have. no further clue than hinting the internal webserver.

It is interesting as it should do this.