🎉 The RapidWeaver Show Episode 39 is out!

(Dan) #1

Right on schedule, we’ve just released episode 39 off the RapidWeaver Podcast.

Happy Weaving, and be sure to get your questions in for next weeks show!

(Brad Halstead) #2

Very good show, thank you for answering my questions @dan & @ben.

I too remember buying OSX updates via Box and DVD/CD lol… loooong time ago now (well, 7 years anyway).

Nice to know about the support for RW5.x gives Developers something to decide on now, keep support for RW 5.x or start with 6… decisions, decisions. I guess it comes down to how well RW 5/6/7 run along side each other on the same system.

Keep up the great work!


(Jason Bostick) #4

Looks like 3 is the ‘suggested’ price. It is a Pay What You Want setup

(ben) #5

Ah, I didn’t see that. As @jabostick says, seems like it’s a “pay what you want” setup :slight_smile:

(Brad Halstead) #6

Maybe suggested but 10 Euro easily valued… imho