Theme for a tax preparer

I am looking for a theme for a friend of mine who will be taking classes this summer and will be starting his own business. He is going to be preparing people’s taxes starting next tax season. He will be just starting out, but I want to have a really professional theme. Something with a legal/tax professional look and feel.


How about something like Corp?

Not bad! Do you know of anything specifically made for a law from or a tax professional? I’m not gonna spend a lot of time building it from scratch

RW themes don’t really work like that. You might find a template for Foundry or Foundation that’s been designed with law/tax in mind. A few of the template designers are regulars here and I’m sure they’ll pipe up if they have anything suitable.

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1LD (One Little Designer) has a complete project called Kirkland Law.

Take a look here: Kirkland

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