Rustic wood theme

I’ve had request to create a site using a rustic wooden theme with scattered images and text strips (pinboard?)

Example I’ve been given is:

Needs to be responsive…

Any help or recommendations much appreciated!


Build in Foundation / Foundry etc and add any rustic image(s) you like as either sections or full page background.

Are you specifically looking for a theme (as opposed to a free form framework) or are you just soliciting ideas?

If you want to stick to an existing theme, I don’t know of any that have a rustic theme per se (this one is old. Generally, I’d look for one that gives you access to full page height backgrounds. Maybe something like:

Generally, though, any time you there’s a request that specific, you’re probably better off going with a free-form framework like Foundation or Foundry, but that’s not for everybody.

You might be able to get Total CMS to mimick a bit of a pinboard layout…

OK…it’s new to me!
Been with RapidWeaver from day 1 but not very frequent user!! :grinning:
I’ve just been looking into it…

Yes, thanks very much.
I had thought I needed a them…
Not a regular designer so I reckon this is a time to look into Foundation Foundry…

Either are a great way to go. Although they both require a modest investment, this gets re-paid pretty quickly if you build several sites. When you do client paid work, it is great not being tied to a theme. I’ve had so many occasions where a client has asked if we could make something in a theme a bit different and the theme doesn’t allow it. Absolutely no criticism of themes here but whilst you know a theme doesn’t do something you want, your client might not be so understanding! Have fun.

If you are looking for a 1-off theme, Old Page by Multithemes ( has a bit of a wood grain as a backdrop to the page. I believe they still have a sale on their themes … not sure if the quoted price is after discount or not. Long time theme developer, solid themes in my opinion.

Another option may be Rustic theme by Elixir:

Thanks. I think I’m going to invest [time] in Foundation or Foundry…get myself up to date!

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