Theme panel, "Classic" themes

Is there a way to revert to the RapidWeaver 7 style theme panel at the bottom of the interface rather than using the pop-up? How do I get rid of the “Classic” themes?

This is the way themes are displayed now… are the new drop down and search options not working well enough for you?

If a lot of users want the option back we could add “Hide Classic Themes” back in, we just thought it seemed weird.

I can’t imagine anyone wanting to use the “classic” themes. They are very outdated, and unless they have been been changed recently, they arte all fixed rather than flexible designs. The hide classic designs option was a very useful one and I’d like to see it put back. I found the bottom of the screen useful for them e display because I could change its size and easily clkick through them while viewing the changes to the page on the screen.

Better yet, in this day where phone use is greater than desktop… why even supply fixed (non-responsive) designs as built in themes? Newbies will select a theme based on it’s look… not on it’s function. That gets them off to a poor start… (only my humble opinion.) Kill the non-responsive themes as a built in feature and offer them as a free download if you prefer to keep them available.


Believe it or not a lot of people still use those themes (and they do work fine on mobile, they are just not responsive).

Having said that, we’ll see what we can do in a future update.

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