Remove old themes

I am a little frustrated that RW6 carries the classic themes “inside”. Each time I update to a new version, one of the first things I do is delete them. They’re not repsonsive, they’re ugly, they’re ridiculously out of date. I can’t see anybody building a website based on Aqualicious, Alpha, Classroom, Notes or any other of those old themes. Can’t you make installing them an option? Or else when updating not update a theme back into the app that has been deleted?


My understanding is that the built-in themes cannot be deleted but they can be managed from the Addon Manger so you don’t have to see them.

They can be deleted. I did it. It’s just that with every new update they get reinstalled again, which is kind of annoying.

I agree. Some of those themes are just bloody awful and misrepresent the product. They should be removed so people can’t use them. Far better to have ten useful built in themes than 40 ugly ones.


Themes like ‘Sharp’ could probably be updated to be made responsive without too much effort and could still be useful. The others need to go. If people are still using these legacy themes, then I see no difficulty in providing them as a separate download, as we’ve seen Wordpress do.

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Good point as there are plenty of better free themes out there from the other developers. @dan @nikf, what good reason is there for keeping these dated add ons that do your excellent product a disservice?

We’ve commented on this frequently in the past (including in an episode of the Podcast I was on). Customers who use these themes - and people do - rely on these themes. They stay in the app, to ensure that people can open and publish their sites. If you listen to the podcast episode in question (number escapes me - I’m replying on my phone, but it’s one that I was on!) we share a few more details of how we’re hiding them in future.

This is the episode:

(Basically when we ship RW 7 they will be hidden by default)

And yeah I would also recommend listening to the RapidWeaver Show, we talk a lot about why things are the way they are in RW and also what we’re working on (e.g. RW7).

Hope that helps.