Cannot find installed themes

I would like to remove all non responsive themes, just keeping the responsive ones. In the themes drawer only the responsive ones show up (a few are missing) but in the inspector pane all themes including the old non responsive ones are in the list. I thought it would be easy to delete the files directly from the finder but i cannot find these themes, i only find the good once. The old themes must be hidden somewhere on my mac but impossible to retrieve the root . Someone who can help ? Tx

you cannot delete the themes that came with RW


I suppose y’re right. I reinstalled RW and the same old themes are in the list. I think this is something Realmac should adjust, why including all these old non responsive themes, at least they should leave users the option to delete themes they do’nt need.

There is the option to ‘hide classic themes’ in preferences.

Hi Stuart. Yes I used this option before and it removes the classic themes from the thems drawer but they are not deleted from the themes list in the inspector pane …no way to hide these themes there ?

Ah ok. They are inside the RW application itself. If you cmd-click on the application and select ‘Show Package Contents’ then you will find the themes in the Resources folder. Not sure there is much point deleting them from there though as they will likely re-appear with the next update.

Hi Stuart cmd-click does’nt work, it works with ctrl/click . I left the classic themes folder and deleted the content. Now i’m happy, only the themes I need are now showing up in the inspector pane. I think it should be a good thing to have this workaround available as an option in the preferences . Thanks for helping me out.

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