Theme Required? Path to Image?

  1. Is it possible to build a Rapidweaver project without a theme, using Stacks only?
  2. If not, is there a blank stack which would override a theme?
  3. Assuming that I have an image in the project resources folder, what is the path to that image?

No rapidweaver is “theme based”. There are some blank Themes that have nothing on them.
I think the “blankest” of them is Jow Workmans Blank theme. I can’t seem to find it( his site was redone) and Void from inStacks:

There’s Blankstrap from inStacks, it loads Bootstrap 4

Will Woodgate has a theme called “blank” it does load Bootstrap 4.

There are more but those should get you started.

No need to use a blank theme above.

When you say path how are you using the path?
If the stack you are using supports a link address(warehoused) than in the link instead of setting the address to a URL, choose “resources” from the dropdown instead on URL.

If you want to embed the address if you “right click” the resource, select “Copy Macro”, and then paste as needed.


@mokane99: Something else you might think about looking into is some of the frameworks for RapidWeaver, which are based around the concept you mention. They have a blank theme and a series of stacks built specifically for constructing your site from the ground up. I’m biased in this area because I build one of those frameworks – Foundry. Some of the other popular frameworks for RapidWeaver would be Foundation, UIKit, and FreeStack.

No matter which of the frameworks you fall in love with, I think you’ll find that building with one of these frameworks is one of the most fun ways to create a site in RapidWeaver using Stacks.


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