Third Party Link Disclaimer "Decline" button

Our credit union customer requires we have a warning when someone is leaving their site and going to a 3rd party website. We’re using Expose for most of the modals throughout the site, and Modal Pro where we have to link a modal to text on the page.

The Mega Menu is a partial, so I used the url #top as the decline button. My thought was because it’s a partial, I didn’t want to lop it back to the Home page. So, I used the url to stay on the same page that the visitor is on. I never considered that it would need to actually close the modal instead of just staying on the page.

Is there a way to close the Expose stack with the decline button and not just the “x” in the corner (or clicking out of the area)?

Secondly, can expose be triggered from text on the page like the Modal Pro?

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