This is primarily for Stacks developers

I really don’t read slowly. Really. But whenever I am looking at the tool tip in edit mode which describes what a certain option does, the tool tip vanishes before I finish reading or absorbing what it says. Then I have to re-open the tip and reread it…and some of these tool tips read like an encyclopedia.

Please guys, let the user ‘click’ on the tip to close it instead of designing the tip to remain open for an arbitrary amount of seconds and then closing it. Sometimes I (and I’m sure, others) have to reread the entire tip 2-3 times to absorb what the particular option does.

Keeping my fingers crossed for this one…



Stack developers don’t really have any control over this, other than to keep tooltip content shorter. You should send your feedback to Yourhead Software (the developers of the Stacks plugin) instead if you want tooltips to display for longer or another method like display until dismissed.