Using Tipsy stack

Can someone give me a quick refresher on how to use CosCulture’s Tipsy?

There is a guide video at the bottom of the page.

Hi @jspencer2 … thanks for that. It is for Tipster however, and I have Tipsy. It’s an old stack, but it does seem to still load, so if only I could recall how to configure it, I could get it working.

I know you use a hashtag and point linked text to the hashtag, but I forget how to configure the link for the linked text.

Sorry, I thought you must have been tipsy when you typed it…
Have you tried Cosculture for support?

:laughing: No, just scrounging old plugins.
I will do that, thank you.

If you cannot get help then Big White Duck has the excellent Popdrop stack which does tooltips and much more.

Thanks again @jspencer2! :slight_smile: I’ll check that out.

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