Stacks4 Tool Tips Flash Rather Than Persist

I am still new at web development and RapidWeaver. I think this is a Stacks4 @Isaiah question. This is not about a particular stack. When I am in a stack, I double-click text to edit it. At the top of the text edit window are icons for links, bold, italic, underline, paragraph justification, etc. When I roll the cursor over these icons, the tool tips flash for less than a second and do not persist so that I can see what they say. I made a 20 second movie demonstrating the issue, but I do not see a way to attach anything to this note.

This is very odd. It seems to be a bug. It looks like something is causing the tooltips to display too early – while your mouse is still in motion – and motion is what normally dismisses a tooltip.

I will investigate – but as for a workaround – i was able to, with a bit of persistence, make the tooltips stick if i move the mouse very deliberately into a button and then hold the mouse very still. It is probably highly dependent on the type of input device you have though – so YMMV.

I’ve file a bug and will take a look at it next week. Thanks for reporting this. :slight_smile:


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Thanks @isaiah. I hope you and your son have fully recovered from pneumonia.


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