Thousands of articles to sell with RapidCart Pro 4

Hello friends from Rapidcart Pro 4,

last week a customer talked to me that he needs a site for eCommerce to use with 10.000 articles. Now I had a look to RapidCart Pro. But now I guess I have all the articles put in step by step. That needs many days to fulfill RapidCart Pro. Has anyone of you experience with such a big selling-site?
Is there a faster and more comfortable solution? I think at a possibility where first I put all articles in datasheet by Excel and after I transfer that datafile into RCP. I would be glad to hear from you about many solutions.

I use the back-end of UltraCart. It can import from Excel/Numbers and do so much more. Every aspect (shipping, sales, coupons, etc) has options, options, and more options. It’s a 3rd party cart (monthly fee) and you can can create a complete store with “storefronts” or just use the cart backend like we do, using buttons to place items in the cart.

For eCommerce sites of a certain importance I use OpenCart. Isa a free and open-source eCommerce platform.
On the marketplace, you can find any type of extensions (plugins) suitable for your every need. some free, many others for a fee. But there is no monthly or annual subscription to pay. You pay only for what you decide to buy.

Obviously, this solution has nothing to do with Rapidweaver.

As I told in the German section: To realize a business of this size with the help of RapidCart doesn‘t make any sense. Look for a professional ecommerce solution and hire some employees…

Hi Steve, yes that is it what I want more infos. Are you from 4gnd. Do you have csv-examples for me?
What is your experience with that big stores with RCP?
Thanks! As Michael explained he can not recommend RCP for stores bigger than 1.000 articles.
For my customer needs a store of 10.000 articles or more maybe I will follow Michaels recommendation.

So you have a lot experiences with RCP How many articles to you sell with RCP more then 1.000 or 10.000. And do you work with .csv before or fulfill all articles directly in RCP?
I read in another blog here that you can not get contact to service of RCP.
So that is a reason not to work further for bigger projects.
Can you give me links where you use RCP? So I can see and can more imagine what to do Thanks!

Steve if there is no support from RCP for a long time maybe that could be a challenge for a next project for JoeWorkman cause he is making very good support and fantastic stable stacks for RW7. :wink:

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