Tidy Website Links

Hi guys,

So I’m trying the “Tidy Website links” function, but it doesn’t seem to be working because when I check the browser it still show the .html

Any idea why isn’t working correctly ?.

The site address if you need it is this one: www.pe.com.ve


Tidy Website Links only changes index pages into tidy ones. That’s what I can see on your site.

For example, if you want to change

you have to rename servicios-ofrecidos.html into index.html but leave the folder name /servicios-ofrecidos

BTW: Please add 404 redirect for error pages. You don’t want people to see http://www.pe.com.ve/servicios-ofrecidos/ how it is configured now

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Thanks you very for the help ! Is working perfectly now!. :+1:


where do I rename links, pls??

I would like to change…


…but I don’t like… /page4/?post=…

so how can I cut, where in rapid weaver that or change into different wording…

many thanks


The links you’re referring to are generated by the Poster stack and, unfortunately, can’t be made into tidy links.

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Sorry, but it is a tidy link (definition of tidy link please), as the file name is not used.

@Polka posted a question on a thread called “Tidy Website Links”. I answered his/her question by stating that what he/she wanted isn’t possible because the Poster stack is being used.

Are you saying that it is possible for Polka to achieve what he/she wants to achieve?

All I am saying is that Poster Stack has an excellent URL parameter structure :wink:
What she wants is only possible with (for a lot of RW users) too difficult htaccess config.

I was just trying to answer Polka’s question in an easy, understandable way.

I’ll let the more technically minded answer in future.

I think the confusion here is between Tidy Links and Pretty Links. Tidy links, if your site is set up right, will allow for index.html and index.php to NOT be shown. Pretty Links are usually for Blog posts and usually requires some simple .htaccess config to make a query string be removed (?post=…).

OK, I won’t get into discussion with you what is easy and what is not. You have to work on these support tickets, not myself.

Hi Guys
Thank you for your response.

I would like to clarify, am not a developer, and I am not sure if I am using the correct wording.

I think, am after Pretty link…
I simply don like //happypolka.eu/page4/?post=olej-migdaowy /page4/?post

how can I make it //happypolka.eu/olej-migdalowy/

where can i find more informtion about .htaccess config , please?

Many thanks

You are also able to pick up the email thread we already have to discuss this further…

A lot of good information about .htaccess and all you can do on these two videos