Bluehost publishing Issues (Index of/)

Hi folks,
I’ve been having issues with publishing my websites where sometimes when trying to navigate from my homepage to another page, I will reach Index of/. I’ve figured out how to create an .htaccess to work around this, but I am wondering why it’s happening in the first place. Making one htaccess file is feasible. Making one for each page of a large website will be tedious.

I am working with RW8, Stacks 4, and Foundry v2. My host is Bluehost I’ve tried publishing with both RW and FileZilla, same result. Any insight would be appreciated


Without more information, it’s hard to say what problem you are having.

You usually get that index of listing of/. along with a directory listing when the webserver can’t find the file it’s looking for.

If you are using the tidy links option(the default), then all the file names should be index.html or index.php and the folder names should be what you change.

Here’s what I’m guessing what’s happening. You changed the file names for each page.

Apache and most other web servers will look for a full filename in the URL if provided. If the URL only provides a directory name (like what tidy links does), the webserver will look in a defined order for files within that directory.

If it doesn’t find any of those files and directory indexing is allowed, it will return that message and a listing of that directory.

So if my guess is right then you can first delete everything you have published, and either rename the files and folders and republish all files, or turn off tidy links and republish all files.

More on tidy links here:

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